Hilton Publishing Recognized by FSCDR for its Contributions to Sickle Cell Patients

Chicago, Illinois (August 12, 2022): The Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease 

Research (FSCDR) recognized Hilton Publishing Company in the June 2022 publication of the Journal of Sickle Cell Disease and Hemoglobinopathies (JSCDH), the only sickle cell disease journal in the world. For two decades, Hilton Publishing Company has contributed to further innovation, research and education in sickle cell disease. Working together with its expert authors and research partners, Hilton Publishing has published an entire series of patient education books on SCD, the development of a brand-new mobile app for kids called Pinpoint, and the creation of lasting partnerships with healthcare providers to assist in the delivery of education and support to sickle cell patients. 

Hilton Publishing Company (known today as HPC International, Inc.) was created by a doctor who saw the overlooked need for culturally sensitive and age-appropriate education for minority patient populations and their unique individual medical challenges. It was then that HPC became a vehicle to deliver much needed patient education to these diverse communities. 

For twenty-five years, HPC has worked to build a network of physician authors and other medical experts who treat patients in underserved communities where the prevalence of sickle cell is highest. Through partnerships with private, public and nonprofit agencies and medical providers, HPC continues to arm both health professionals and the families they support with evidence-based information on sickle cell so they can build a stronger, healthier local community and embrace the diversity among them.

HPC looks forward to launching its latest innovation for sickle cell disease patients called Pinpoint, a sickle cell app for teens that was created by HPC in a partnership with Klein Buendel through a National Institutes of Health research grant. Using gaming technology, Pinpoint provides a safe, convenient tool for teens to learn about, track, assess, and communicate about their sickle cell pain with medical providers and parents. 

About HPC International

Founded in 1996 and based outside of Chicago, Illinois, HPC remains dedicated to education, innovation, and research and a mission to be the best source of research, savings solutions and educational products and services for corporations and the healthcare industry. Hilton Publishing Company is the publishing division of HPC and is perhaps best known for producing Hope & Destiny, the leading educational book series for adult and pediatric SCD patients and their families. HPC continues to help people live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives through a full range of educational products and consulting services offered to hospitals, healthcare professionals, and corporations across the United States. More information about HPC and its variety of products and services is available at www.hpcinternationalinc.com


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